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Thanks to Quentin L.

Signed-off-by: Alban VIDAL <alban.vidal@zordhak.fr>
2018-06-15 19:22:24 +02:00
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Basic config for Debian

This script configure basic config for Debian

The following component are configured:

  • Install git and tig
  • Set git username and email
  • Install bash-completion
  • Install and configure auto updates (unattended-upgrades and apt-listchanges
  • Install and tune logrotate
  • Disable IPv6 (or no, see parameters.conf)
  • Tune .vimrc
  • Tune .bashrc
  • Tune .profile
  • Send alert email for new ssh connexion
  • Set Time Zone (see parameters.conf to edit, default "Europe/Paris")

You just need to clone this repository in /srv/git/basic_config_debian and execute the auto_config.sh script

apt install git
mkdir -p /srv/git
git clone https://github.com/AlbanVidal/basic_config_debian.git /srv/git/basic_config_debian
cd /srv/git/basic_config_debian

New aliases and functions available

Hard drive

  • hddtop: print hard drive usage


  • memtop: print top usage memory


  • ipa, ip4a, ip6a and ip4all: print interfaces list

Systemd / Journald

  • jf: alias for journalctl -f
  • jfu <units>: function for journalctl -f -u <unit> -u <unit>...
  • scf: alias for systemctl list-units --failed
  • scs <units>: function for systemctl status <units>
  • scc <units>: function for systemctl cat <units>